Nicole - Vocals


Nicole drives the sound of this band with passion and a range that won't quit. If there's a reason to see this is band, Nicole is it!

Leslie - Vocals


Backing up the vocals and providing percussion, Leslie has the voice that rounds out the sound of the Pegs

Ryan - Guitars


Our import from across the ocean, Ryan has played in clubs in Europe and the US and brings world influences to the band.

Edward - Bass


Manning the bottom end of the band, Edward keeps it steady, and has been a Peg before it was cool.

James - Drums


James has been keeping the groove going since the inception of the Pegs. You'll soon realize he's been influenced by the best rock and jazz drummers in the world

Bob - Keyboards


Bob comes to the Pegs by way of New York, having played in numerous bands there. He brings progressive rock and jazz influences to round out the rhythm section of the Pegs!

Tom - Guitars


A Colorado transplant, Tom founded the Pegs. He has played in numerous acts on the East coast and around the Denver area.