SkwarePegs Mayhem. Madness. Mischief.

About the pegs

Music you forgot you loved...


SkwarePegs loves to play music that most other bar bands don't play, but is just great music that people love to hear. We add in other popular music (you know, the usual stuff), a sense of humor and connection with the crowd, and you'll see why the Pegs bring people back for more. We bring great, danceable classic rock! Check out our Set List!

Places we've played


Bayou Bobs

Columbine Lounge

Lansdowne Arms

Living the Dream Brewery

Takoda Tavern

Kimpton Born Hotel

Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson

Ace Eat and Serve

Milk Market Denver

Crush Pizza

We love you


Playing for our fans is the best thing. Bring your kids. Bring your friends. Bring your tips... :)